Physical Rehabilitation Centre


Project Description

NNSWA started Physical Rehabilitation Services by establishing a Physical Rehabilitation Center in Bheemdatt Municipality of Kanchanpur District. Currently; Physical Rehabilitation Services in the Far Western Region of Nepal since 2006.

The following Physical Rehabilitation Services are available in NNSWA Rehab center:

I)      Prosthesis and Orthotics Services (P&O)

II)    Mobility Aids (Crutches, Walker, Wheelchair, Tricycle, L-Stick, Special Chairs etc.)

III)  Physio Therapy

IV) Counseling

V)   Referral

NNSWA has trained and skilled staff for both P&O and Physio Therapy. A disable friendly hostel is serving to the clients during their treatment in the center. 12 beds and kitchen, disable friendly toilet and other infrastructure are available in the Physical Rehabilitation Center of NNSWA. From its establishment period till date, more than 15,000 of people with disabilities have benefited. These services have been provided through the center base and outreach activities (Disability Assessment Mobile Camps) within its target districts. NNSWA conducted disability mobile camps in all districts of Far Western Region and supported the required supportive devices to the person living with disability.

Funding Partner: Handicap Internation / USAID

Duration: 2006- Present

Location: Far-western Region

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