Poverty Alleviation Program


Project Description

Currently, 2441 Kamaiya HH, 830 Dalits HH, 138 from Shuklafanta evacuated households and 167 from other communities are involved in the PAF program which has covered 19,848 populations. The main objective of Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) is to reduce the level of poverty. The country level main components of PAF are (i) Social mobilization; (ii) Income generation; and (iii) Capacity Building. Other district level short-term objectives/scope are:

-     To provide technical support to the community organization, which will be formed by the community to identify their real needs.

-     To increase economic status among the targeted community by providing Income Generation Program,

-     Support for the proper rehabilitation to freed Kamaiya and Arachhya Pidit by providing shelter construction support.

-     To provide health facilities among the targeted community,

-     To provide support on school education to the needy children of targeted community,

-     To provide clean drinking water facility,

-     Development of rural roads, bridge etc and

-     To provide toilet facilities and education on sanitation

-     Livestock raising (Buffalo, Goat, Ox, Pigs,  Cow, etc)

-     Poultry and Fisheries, Retail shops, Bicycle, Rickshaw Puller and motorcycle repairing training

-     Knitting and Weaving, Tailor shops, Revolving Shops

-     Agriculture farming (off-season vegetable and mushroom), Vat nary service

-     Need identification training for micro-finance, Cooperative management training

-     Functional Support to Cooperatives, Exposure visit to COs, Market management training

-     Livestock management training, Formation of 151 Savings and 120 IGP implementations groups

-     Community awareness on water, sanitation and hygiene sector

-     Support to infrastructure development (Irrigation, Water, River band and Road), Pocket program (Mass Potato Farming, Piggery, Poultry)

Funding Partner: PAF

Duration: 2005- Present

Location: Kanchanpur


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